The Sage 50 Error Code 4020 is a common error indicating a failed payment using the Sage Pay software. The major cause or the message that these error codes give is that the user has not entered the IP address or has given an invalid one, which might get denied by the SagePay application. The reason for the IP restriction by the SagePay software is due to the fact that it only accepts the IP addresses that have been registered on the site. Basic troubleshooting measures for this error 4020 are that the user enters the correct and valid IP address. While it is the only method to fix SagePay Error 4020, through basic troubleshooting, the occurrence of this error code can be avoided.

Therefore, here we have listed all the details that users need to deal with the issue of Sage 50 Pay Error 4020. Read this narrative til the bottom to fix error code 4020 and whom to connect with in case you are unable to resolve this on your own.

For US Helpline Number: +1-866-430-0630

Why am I Receiving 4020 Error on Sage Pay

The core reason why users receive Error Code 4020 on their screen is the Invalid IP Address. Causes of Invalid IP Address can be that users are unable to enter the IP address, or the one given by the users is not recognized by the “My Sage Pay” account sites. Due to this, the message that appears on the screen is “4020: Information Received from an Invalid IP Address”

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After-effects of the SagePay Error Code 4020

Anyone receiving the Sage Error Code 4020 on their screen might be facing the following issues:

  • The Invalid IP causes the payment failed in Sage Pay and Without it, users cannot access SagePay in their system. This means that they won’t be able to make any further transactions in their system through SagePay.
  • Another consequence of failed payment is the system crashing constantly, which might disrupt other ongoing tasks on the user’s system.

How to Fix the Sage Pay Error Code 4020

The major way through which users can fix Error Code 4020 in their system is by providing or submitting their IP address in the Sage Pay Account Sites. Along with that, other troubleshooting methods might avoid this error code 4020 on your screen.

IP Address

Various Troubleshoots steps to resolve Error Code 4020 are listed below:

Add the Required IP Address in the Sage Pay Control Panel

Follow the simple process given below through which you can fix the failed payment issues with SagePay due to an invalid IP Address:

  • First, you need to fetch the IP address from where you made the transaction using SagePay.
  • For this, you need to open the Common Prompt(CMD). There, type “Ping” followed by space and then the URL or the domain name of the site for which you need the IP address.
  • Note the IP Address, hit the “Enter” key, and then close the command prompt.

Afterward, open the SagePay Account Control Panel and then add the IP Address. 

Run a System Restore

Restoring the system to a previous version might be helpful to avoid different errors, even those related to payments.

Below is the simple stepwise process through which users can easily restore their system to an earlier version:

  • First, you need to sign in to your system as an administrator.
  • Afterward, follow the given path:
    • All Programs/All Accessories/System Tools/System Restore
  • On the next window, you can easily locate the option “Restore My System to an Earlier Time.” Select the option and then hit “Next.”
  • Now, you need to select the most recent system repair point and then hit the option “Next.”

This will initiate the system restoration. Wait for the process to get completed, and then restart the system. 

Fetch the Accurate IP Address

While a simple stepwise procedure is mentioned to get the IP Address, chances are there that it might still be rejected by the Sage Pay Account. In that case, you need to obtain the correct IP Address, for which the steps are listed below:

  • First, you need to get a Sage Pay Simulator Account.
  • Afterward, visit the Magento Admin Panel. There, click the option “System” followed by Configuration and then “Sales.”
  • Now, navigate to the option “SagePay” followed by “Sage Pay Suite” and set the simulator vendor to the “Vendor” field.
  • Following that, you have to put the Sage Pay Extension in “Simulator” mode. That can be done through Sage Pay Suite [DIRECT Integration] or Sage Pay Suite [SERVER Integration]
  • Save the changes made. Now, try to make a new transaction. It does display the Error Code 4020, to which Sage Pay will automatically submit the new and correct IP Address.

About SagePay and Other Payment-Related Errors

Sage Pay Error

SagePay (now Opayo) is a payment service provider offering safe and secure transactions to users. It is one of the most popular and most user payment platforms in Europe, offering top-notch services. The major focus and intent behind running the SagePay service is to offer accelerated cashflow services on safe passages. That’s why SagePay is the most preferred payment service for e-commerce companies looking for secure, quick, and convenient means of transactions.

However, while working on SagePay, users encounter a number of errors, among which Error Code 4020 is common. Various technical glitches related to SagePay have been listed below:

Save the report in a specified file format

Click “Export,” select the file type, and then hit “Save.”

Export the report to Excel in the same format as in the preview

Hit “Report to Excel” and save the file. 

To send data in Excel ready in columns for further analysis

Hit “Data to Excel”

Along with that, many other error codes that users encounter using Sage Pay, which in order to fix can connect with us. 

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Connect with Sage Customer Support to Fix Error Code 4020 in Sage Pay

The above-mentioned measures to obtain and submit the valid IP address can be easily done by the user himself to resolve the error. However, sometimes, there is still a requirement for external assistance to deal with technical glitches while working on any application. In that case, you can connect with the Sage Online Solution, which has an expert team that provides support to fix various technical errors users encounter while using Sage accounting. The following means can be located on the homepage of Sage Online Solutions to fix technical errors in SagePay and other issues in the Sage business software:

Sage Online Helpline Number: The first and foremost way to connect with customer support, which anyone can prefer, is the helpline number. Through this, users can easily connect with a live person to whom they can convey their query directly and get the required solution. Our Helpline number is 1(866)430-0630.

Live Chat: Another way for a direct interaction with a live technical expert is through live chat. Just ping a simple “Hi” along with the details of the error or the issues you are facing with the accounting application. Regarding your query, the officials will respond within no time.

Final Thoughts

The SagePay is an amazing amenity available for small businesses, especially the ones with e-commerce stores, to provide a safe gateway for making secure transactions. However, as a security measure, SagePay does not accept transactions when made from an invalid IP address. Therefore, to resolve this, users need to submit the IP address on the SagePay sites. For more information regarding SagePay or details regarding some common technical glitches and how to use them, refer to Sage Online Solutions.

For US Helpline Number: +1-866-430-0630

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Error Code 4020 is a common technical glitch in which any person is using SagePay as their payment service provider. In case of this error, the payment or the transaction gets rejected due to an invalid IP address.

The most common indication of error code 4020 is the message appearing on the screen, which is: “4020: Information from Invalid IP Address”

You need to validate the given IP address by submitting the required information in the SagePay Account Control Panel. Along with that, through some basic troubleshooting, like system restore, this error can be resolved.

The Error Code 4020 is a simple issue indicating failed payment. Apart from that, many other technical errors can occur in the system like Error 10, Error Code 1, 5994, or 5998, which are likely to be faced by the user while using SagePay.