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You agree to the terms and conditions of our website by browsing or using it. This agreement explains the necessary terms and conditions for using our services from the website. This is a legal agreement between you and Sageonlinesolution.com. You must keep your eyes on our terms and conditions page as we update our terms based on urgent requirements.

Note :  On this page, we have used “we,” “our,” or “us” for our website Sageonlinesolution.com. We have used “You” and “Your” for the third-party services.


On visiting our website to use the services, you agree that you have accepted the terms and conditions mentioned on the website. If you do not agree to this Agreement, you may not be allowed to use the services mentioned on the website. You will be governed by the use of services of our website, including updates, new releases, and content by reference as:

  • Additional Terms and Conditions may or may not include services from third parties.
  • Sageonlinesolution.com statement given to you in the Sage services available on our website or provided to you otherwise.
  • Any terms and conditions particularly provided to you for our Sage Services, including program, product, or payment terms, activation, ordering, etc.

Licensing for Using this Website Services 

Sageonlinesolution.com will set aside all the options to end this lawful agreement as per your choice. The terms and conditions in this section examine commitments, including but not limited to Disclaimer, Indemnification, Limitation of Liability, Severability, Controlling Law, and Confidentially, which will withstand end.

With the acceptance of this agreement, Sageonlinesolution.com, however, licenses you a non-selective, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, reversible right to access and use our services as per Sageonlinesolution.com’s applicable documentation.

Utilization of Website Services 

After accepting this lawful agreement and giving consent to this license agreement, you declare and assure not to use our website and services for any other party or any illegitimate purposes forbidden under this clause. You are not allowed to use our website for the purposes given below:

  • Abusing, torturing, or giving threats to others
  • Gambling, Sweepstakes, Pyramid scheme, or any other unlawful activities

Privacy Details 

While using our website services, we might incite you to give us your personal information. By providing your details, you give us confirmation to use your information and the data provided.

We aim to gather your personal details or information from external application programs to give you the best user experience while operating our Sage application.

Intellectual Property 

Using our website, you consent to the statement that the trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc., are an inherent part of the company’s property. You also agree that the company holds powership/ownership of all the rights, interests, and titles. Accepting this legal agreement, you are also ruled out from using the company’s IP address for any other party or unlawful activities.

Limitation of Compensation and Accountability

Sageonlinesolution.com’s maximum accountability is restricted to the purchase price of our sold services in all conditions. Under any conditions, Sageonlinesolution.com shall not be accountable for any allegations or conducts in contract, tort, contribution, or compensation related to the services we sell exceeding the liability limit. You also agree to the statement that Sageonlinesolution.com shall not be responsible for third-party claims for damages against the customers. The company is also not liable to the allegations for third-party malfunctions, delays, service interruptions, or business loss, whether or not Sageonlinesolution.com is informed of the prospects of such claims.

Accounting, Payroll, and Human Resource Management Services 

Sageonlinesolution.com offers accounting, human resource management, and payroll services around its own strategies and approaches. All the Sageonlinesolution.com bills and after-services and payments are liable to our refund and returns policy mentioned on our website.

Availability of Sage Services 

The services you see on our website are liable to availability. You agree to our plan for acceptable quantities; extraordinary commands may restrict our service’s ability to fulfill your orders immediately. In case the services you demand are out of stock, we immediately, with complete responsibility, inform you of the earliest date on which you may expect to get your demanded services. Back-ordered services/currently unavailable services can be exchanged for an in-stick service or canceled for a full payment refund. We cannot be primarily responsible for any emblematic or typographic errors that may arrive on the website.


This lawful agreement outlines our payment terms and conditions in reference to the utilization of our services mentioned on the website, which includes content, new releases, updates, references, etc. You agree to the statement that the payments for our services shall be deducted once you purchase the subscription and provide the payment details.

Payments are accepted in the following modes:

  1. Sageonlinesolution.com accepts the valid debit card.
  2. Sageonlinesolution.com accepts the valid credit card.
  3. Provide in writing if you make payments by another mode.

In case you provide incorrect or incomplete payment information, then you’re suggested to inform us about the same asap. However, if you do not inform us about the same, your account might get terminated or suspended from our end.

If we are not informed about your current updates, we will communicate with your card details provider to avoid interruptions or hassles in your service payment. With your approved consent, your payment will continue with the updated card details.

  • With your authorized permission, we will electronically renew our website services if it is provided in the lawful agreement of our website services.
  • You can look on our website for individual Sage Services for further revival terms or updates.

Third-Party Sites 

We want our customers to know that Sageonlinesolution.com is not accountable for any product, content, or service depicted on the website but is possessed by third-party sites. The customers must reach the third-party administrator for any problems regarding their proposed services in such cases. The customer ought to pursue the third party’s privacy policy if they use the third party’s service. We request our consumers entirely read third parties’ policies before using their services.

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