Whatever business you’re running, maintaining proper inventory management is the need of the hour. Right? Well, in today’s competitive era, businesses face too many challenges related to their inventory management, even after using top-notch software. If you’re also counting yourself as a user encountering such challenges, switch to Sage 50 and set up an effective Sage 50 inventory management. For your convenience, we’ve prepared this blog post. Continue reading till the end.

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A Brief Introduction About Sage 50 Inventory Management Software

Before you switch to Sage 50 and begin setting up the inventory management on the software, let’s have a brief discussion to understand the program better.

Basically, Sage 50 is a popular accounting software program with a trendsetting mechanism of serving businesses of all sizes. Its top-notch features, cloud connectivity, powerful tools, and ease of business have proven its excellence to all tech-savvy accountants and business managers. By saving tons of effort and valuable time for business professionals, Sage 50 simplifies complex accounting tasks for small and medium-sized businesses.

Now, why businesses must switch to this software and continue to set up Sage 50 inventory management is what managers wonder about. So, let’s continue reading further and understand how Sage 50 effectively manages business inventory operations.

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How is Sage 50 Inventory Management Beneficial for Businesses?

As we discussed, today’s businesses find it difficult to manage their inventory system due to the rapidly growing technical trends. For this, businesses must opt for a trendsetting technology to maintain accuracy and smoothness in every step of inventory management.
Sage 50 can help in such a way. So, look at the benefits below and understand how setting up the Sage 50 Inventory management can be helpful.

Quick & Timely Customer Orders

Meeting customer demand on time and that too every time is what all businesses want to continue running their businesses with notable goodwill value. Fortunately, it can be possible with the excellent Sage 50 Inventory Management. It maintains your Inventory with accurate record keeping, fewer chances of stockouts, good sales, and happy customers. All this is possible due to instant and better insights into stock levels and customer information. Eventually, customers get timely and quick orders.

Easy Stock Management

Another challenge for a business is having constant stockouts and too much Inventory, which can hamper seamless inventory management processes. However, the Sage 50 integration with Inventory of your business can help you avoid such challenges. This online software integration allows inventory managers to get real-time data insights that help them achieve their stock and sales targets.

Complete Inventory Control

Having complete control of the Inventory is also an advantage for your business. You can avail yourself of this perk from Sage 50 inventory management. This software integration supports your Inventory with accurate forecasts and automation in repetitive and manual processes. With the advent of automation, you don’t have to put your efforts, time, and money unnecessarily into manual operations.

Execute Quantity Discounts for Customers

The Sage 50 software has the capability to set up your inventory management system in a way that offers quantity discounts for customers. By this, whenever your customer purchases an item of a particular amount, the sales price will be discounted with some set percentage. Also, you can set a limit on the number of inventory items with a specified discounted amount. So, what’s your thought? Isn’t the Sage 50 integration with Inventory of your business beneficial?

Huge Payoff with Minimal Effort

Inventory management is not a breeze when it comes to maintaining accuracy and customer satisfaction. You need to invest your valuable time, effort, and money as well. But, when you integrate your inventory system with Sage 50, you can enjoy notable and big payoffs with minimum effort. The software automatically sets your inventory levels and helps you track every item’s cost, delivery, and customer information daily.

How to Add or Set up an Inventory Item in Sage 50?


Set Up Inventory - Sage 50 Inventory Management
Set Up Inventory

The steps to add or set up an inventory item in Sage 50 are given below. Perform the instructions carefully, and continue enjoying the perks of Sage 50 software in your business.

  • Begin this procedure by first opening the Sage 50 software and its Inventory & Services Navigation Center tab.
  • In the next step, hit the Inventory Items icon and choose the New Inventory Item option, which is located in the provided drop-down menu.
  • Here, you will get the Maintain Inventory Items window in which you’ll be asked to provide the necessary details of the particular inventory item that you’re adding in Sage 50. For this, follow the penned-down instructions:

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Steps to Add an Item:
  1. Firstly, you must enter the identification code of the inventory item in the field of Item ID.
  2. Entered? Now, in the Description field, provide a short description of the inventory item you’re adding.
  3. After this, you must select the class of the item as per your requirement from the drop-down menu of the Item Class tab.
  4. Now, navigate to the General Tab and provide the necessary information on the inventory item.
  5. Finally, in the other tabs, enter the relevant information required to proceed.

After this, your next step is to enter the beginning balances of inventory items. It’s for those transferring their accounts from another accounting software system into the Sage 50 software.

  • Now, click the Beginning Balances tab in the bottom-right corner of the General tab.
  • By this, you will get the Inventory Beginning Balances window. So, to begin entering the beginning balance here by following the directions below:
Steps to Enter Beginning Balance:
  1. Firstly, choose the item of Inventory by clicking the given list of inventory items option.
  2. Now, in the Item ID and Description field, enter the required ID and a brief description of the item of which you have to enter the beginning balance.
  3. Move to the Quantity field and provide the correct number of units of Inventory.
  4. The next field is Unit Cost, in which you must enter the purchase price of a particular inventory item per unit.
  5. Well, Sage 50 will now automatically calculate the total cost of inventory items.
  6. Finally, in this step, use the scroll bar and choose another inventory type to enter the beginning balance.

In this manner, you will successfully add or set up an inventory item in Sage 50. 

Quick Steps for Modifying Inventory Records in Sage 50

Modify the Inventory
Modify the Inventory

Updating or modifying inventory records in Sage 50 is essential to help business inventory management track business assets. Also, with this, you don’t have to face any complications regarding inventory stocks and their delivery to the customers. Here’s how you can modify these records:

  • Begin this procedure by first opening the Maintain Inventory Items window. Make the required changes, and save them by clicking the Save button.
  • Now, find the name of the inventory item whose records you have to modify from the Inventory list of the Inventory & Services Navigation Center.
  • After this, click the Item ID of the Inventory item and open the Maintain Inventory Items window for the particular inventory item records.
  • Another way is to hit the Inventory Items option and further select the View and Edit Inventory Items.
  • By this, you will get an Inventory list window in which you’re required to double-click the inventory item and make necessary changes in its records.

Why Businesses Must Opt for Zoho Inventory Sage 50 Integration?

The CRM (Customer relationship management) software, Zoho, must be integrated with Sage 50, and businesses must opt for this Zoho inventory Sage 50 integration. The two integrated software are proven to foster outstanding inventory results, productivity, greater customer loyalty with your business, and automation.
The given perks below will let you know how excellent the Zoho inventory Sage 50 integration is for your business:

  1. Easier expense tracking and inventory accounting with accurate calculations and no errors in the end results.
  2. Automatic expense syncing for seamless inventory accounting management.
  3. Managers will get a unified account/category tracking and customers.

Contact Professionals to Learn More..!

Join the Sage 50 community of millions of daily Sage users and witness the wonders of Inventory in your business management. We hope this post has given you enough insights about Sage 50 inventory management. However, if you need any help setting up the Sage 50 inventory system, feel free to ask us for help. For further information about Sage 50, consult our professionals via Live Chat Support.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

You can find the features given below in the Sage 50 inventory management software: 

  • Barcoding for end-to-end visibility
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring 
  • Forecasting and Data Analytics
  • Real-time stock visibility 
  • Inventory Reporting 
  • Custom Inventory integration 

Inventory and stock management are the same. It includes tracking of stocks, sales, orders, and services. Inventory management needs to be run smoothly and accurately, especially when you own a retail, manufacturing, or any other service business.

Periodic inventory management is all about manual inventory operations that include tasks such as setting up weekly, monthly, or quarterly levels. It’s a cost-effective and simpler inventory management option for small businesses or startups. 

The following benefits can be availed after setting up an advanced Sage 50 inventory management: 

  • Increased sales turn of investment 
  • Enough customer loyalty
  • Enhanced service and inventory levels
  • Avoid stockout situations

You are free to call our professional team at +1(866)-430-0630 or connect with us via the Live Chat Support facility. Our certified team of Sage technicians will help you with the Sage 50 software.