The Error 49153 in Sage 300 is a common technical error where the Sage application is unable to access or connect with the Database. The common cause for Sage 300 Error Code 49153 can be connectivity issues like offline database, invalid SQL, or DNS server issues. Whatever the reason that triggers this error, based on the issues, proper measures can be taken, and this 49153 can be easily resolved by the users themselves.

Here, we are going to list various causes that give rise to Sage Error Code 49153 and various methods to fix this Error code. Along with that, we will take some precautionary measures through which users can avoid the occurrence of this error and various others while Using Sage 300 or any other version. So, stick to this narrative till the end to know all about Error 49153 and Sage 300.

For US Helpline Number: +1-866-430-0630

Various Causes for Error Code 49153 in Sage 300

A very common factor that causes users to face the issue of Error 49153 while using Sage 300 ERP is that they have provided the wrong credentials while connecting to the database. This leads to connectivity issues, making Sage 300 incompatible or unable to connect with the database. Along with that, many other factors are there which can stimulate the situation of connectivity failure:

  1. The Database through which the Sage 300 is trying to connect might be offline.
  2. Interference from the security application of Windows like Firewall,
  3. User Account Control, or any other antivirus installed in your system leads to connectivity failure.
  4. Invalid Server Names and the non-updated version of the client Database also lead to connectivity failure.
  5. Problems with the DNS server make it unable to transfer from one IP Address to another.
  6. Connectivity issues are due to an invalid SQL connection database.

All of these factors can lead to connectivity, thus triggering Sage 300 Error Code 49153, where the application displays the given message:

  • Cannot Access Database (error=49153).

Steps to Resolve Error Code 49153 while Using Sage 300

Based on the cause that is actually responsible for this error in Sage 300, different measures can be taken. All these resolution methods to fix Sage 300 Error Code 49153 are discussed below in detail:

Fix Database Server Settings

The first and foremost step to resolving database connectivity errors is to check whether a specific database or all the databases are responsible for errors. For this, you need to access connection-related information stored in Sage Database Setup Utility.

Following is the given path of the option you need to click to access SBDUTILITY:

  1. Start/All Programs/Sage 300/Database Setup
  2. In order to access this SDBUTILIY, you need to provide credentials.
  3. Therefore, only Sage 300 Admin Users can view connection-related information.
  4. A pop-up window will appear on the screen, which lists all the company details. Click on the desired company you need to access.
  5. The next pop-up window will list all the details related to Sage SQL Database Server Profile.
  6. These include a description, server name, login ID & Password, and other connection-related information.
  7. You have to check whether the information in this Database Setup window is correct and whether the database listed is actually the one to which Sage 300 is attempting to connect.
  8. Click on OK, and if the error 49153 pops up, then you need to open these settings again and then make the required connection.
  9. In case the Database settings are correct and an error is occurring for more than one database, then the issue is due to the SQL server.
Check Database Server is Running or Not through Command Prompt

If all other users are receiving the same error, Sage 300 Error Code 49153, then it is probably due to the database server. In that situation, you need to verify the Database Server through the server console or try to “ping” the database server by name. A simple process for that is listed below:

  1. Note the Database name from the connection settings.
  2. Now open the command prompt in your system where you need to type: “ping databaseservername.” Afterwards, press the Enter Key.
  3. Now you can either see various other details listed on the CMD regarding the Database Server or a message “Ping request could not find host sql.” In that case, you can either ping by IP address and if that doesn’t work, then you need to connect with the IT support.

In case the CMD returns information regarding the database, then the issue is with the SQL Server Service. To check whether the SQL Server is running or not, proceed to the next step.

Check SQL Server Service
  1. Open the run command or press the start button in Windows. There, you need to type “services.msc” This will open the window service manager.
  2. On the right pane of the window under the local services, search for “MSSQLSERVER” and check its status and startup type, which should be running and Automatic, respectively.
  3. If it doesn’t have the given status, then this is the main cause for triggering the Database connectivity Sage 300 Error Code 49153 .
  4. To resolve this, you can right-click on it and then click on “Start” or “Restart.”
  5. If that still doesn’t resolve then you can connect with IT support or dial the Sage Helpline number given below.

For UK Helpline Number: +44(800)112-0167

Alternate Ways to Resolve Error Code 49153

The above-mentioned method is the only core solution to fix this error. However, you can also take various other measures through which you can minimize the chances of these errors in Sage 300. Following are some of the measures to avoid it:

Fix Window Registry
  1. Open the run box through which you need to open the Windows Registry, for which the command is “RegEdit.”
  2. In the window registry setting. Locate the given path and update the required in the Sage 300 folder. The path for registry settings is:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ACCPAC International, Inc.\ACCPAC\Configuration
Enable TCP/IP
  1. Open the “SQL Server Configuration Manager,” where you need to locate the Native Client Configuration Option.
  2. Now click on “Client Protocols,” which will list the following options:
    • TCP/IP
    • Named Pipes
    • Shared Memory
  3. Enable these options.

Once you are done, you need to open Window Service Manager and then start the SQL Server Service. 

Temporarily Disable the Antivirus

Due to security protocols followed by the security services. It might disable various other applications. The same can be applied to Sage 300, which, in this case, results in numerous technical errors hindering the workflow. To fix that, you need to temporarily disable the Antivirus or Firewall from the system settings.

Also, you need to make sure that while the security application is disabled. Therefore, you should only use Sage or Trusted application and try to avoid internet access as much as you can. The reason for this is your system is vulnerable to various threats and malware that might access your system if you use the internet.

Final Thoughts

Connectivity error can be a common issue where a business application is unable to establish a connection with the Database. This might restrict various other activities as you cannot access the company files or other information stored in the Database. One such error that might be frequent is Sage 300 Error Code 49153. The cause of this error are various technical glitches that can be a common courtesy due to changes in the system settings. While basic troubleshooting can easily fix this error, you can connect with the Sage Helpline Number given on the right side bottom of this page.

For US Helpline Number: +1-866-430-0630

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Error 49153 is a common technical glitch indicating connectivity failure between the Sage 300 and the Database. 

Common causes for 49153 connection failed error are:

Database Offline or Database server not running.
The antivirus is restricting Sage 300 from functioning properly. 
An issue with the DNS server or SQL server. 
Poor Internet Connection and other connectivity issues.

Based on the exact cause, you can take the following measures to fix this connectivity error:

  1. Fix Database settings and SQL Server settings. 
  2. Check SQL Server settings. 
  3. Disable the Antivirus temporarily. 
  4. Check Database connectivity from the command prompt. 

The customer care support number of Sage is 1(866)-430-0630. The number is available 24/7 and a customer support expert will receive you, address your issue, and provide you the desired solution regarding it.

User can easily dial the Sage Helpline number +1-866-430-0630 or they can use the following options through which they can instantly connect with customer official:

  1. Live Chat
  2. Email
  3. Contact Forum.

You can also refer to our blog section to get easy solutions for different error related to Sage Business Software.