Are you searching for accounting software that allows you to access the company data remotely? In that scenario, Sage Remote Data Access is the perfect match that helps accountants, bookkeepers, or co-workers to access data in real-time from anywhere and at any time.

Moreover, the users can also work flexibly according to their comfort, share data with work colleagues, and collaborate easily with the accountants. You must read this post attentively for more details regarding the Sage 50 data remote access.

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What Do You Understand By Remote Data Access?

Remote Data Access is a cloud-based service that allows its users to share their company file data, giving access to you and authorized users to work on the same file from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, remote accounting software like Sage helps you share your data with colleagues and makes collaboration with your accountant easy.

Apart from the, Remote access is the perfect way to let users work from home, especially when you and your colleagues are working from different locations.

Things You Must Remember Before Setting Up Sage Remote Data Access

Before setting up Sage Remote Data access, you must consider the following things:

  • Internet Connection:- You must require a minimum of 2MBps upload speed for every website, and the download speed must be 4 MBPS. If you are operating the Windows 10 operating system, verify the internet speed by conducting a Network Speed Test from the Start menu. Apart from this, you can also test the speed on online sites such as
  • Version Numbers:- Another crucial aspect is that all the computers must have the same Sage 50 Accounts version number. Also, verify that they have installed Sage 50cloud Accounts v27 or the highest accepted version.
  • Latest Sage 50 software:- One must also ensure that you are running an up-to-date version of the Sage 50 software. Also, ensure to install the latest updates to get your hands on the latest features and functions of the accounting software.
  • Updated Windows Operating System:- The users must ensure they are accessing the most recently launched version of the Windows operating system to run the latest Sage software smoothly.

What is the Procedure to Set Up Sage Remote Data Access?

Are you seeking the proper instructions to set up Sage Remote data access? If yes, then go through the instructions listed below to get the desired results.

Stage 1: Verify Whether You Can Use Remote Data Access

Before using remote data access, check that you are accessing the most current edition of Sage 50 Accounts. Also, ensure that you have a valid and active subscription and a good internet connection.

Stage 2: Conduct the Backup of Your Data

After this, it is recommended that you backup your data to use the duplicate copy when the original one is affected. However, to schedule the backup, follow the process below.

  • Initially, go to the File menu and choose the backup option.
  • You are supposed to write down the name of the suggested file or modify the file name according to your preference.
  • After this, hit the Browse button and pick the proper designation to store the file by clicking the OK button.
  • However, to schedule the backup of other files like reports and layouts, choose them from the list of options. Otherwise, you can also hit the Select all file types to include in the backup option.
  • Thereon, you must hit the OK button when asked to verify your data and click Yes, followed by the Close button.
  • End the process by clicking on the OK button. With this, your backup process is done successfully. In short, it signifies that you can restore your data to this point at any time.
Stage 3: Give the Permission of Remote Data Access

Allow Remote Data Access

Linking the company with the Sage account is mandatory for utilizing the remote data access feature in Sage.

  1. Begin the process by opening the Sage 50 Accounts application on your device.
  2. After this, ensure that you log in to Sage as a Manager and go to Settings > User Management > Users > Manager > Edit.
    Thereon, whether you must mark the “Allow Remote Data Access” checkbox, consider the following points.
    • Yes-  If your company data is already connected to your Sage account, confirm the details and click Continue.
    • No- On the other side, if you don’t choose the checkbox, you need to connect your company data with your Sage account. Later on, hit the Get Started Now with your Sage account.
  3. Now, choose Continue and then add your complete name.
  4. Next, hit the “Yes, I am the right person” and confirm your company details.
  5. Subsequently, you must log in to your Sage account. However, if you don’t have an account with Sage, hit the Create Account option from the login screen and follow the procedure to generate one.
  6. After this, you will see that your company data will be linked successfully with Sage. Later on, ensure you have marked the Allow Remote Data Access checkbox and hit Next to complete the process.
Stage 4: Construct a Passphrase

Create a Passphrase

Anyone wishing to access their company data remotely is supposed to mention the passphrase. It is a 15-character combination of lower- and upper-case letters.

  1. The users are required to enter the Passphrase accurately into the required text field.
  2. After this, re-enter the passphrase for confirmation and save it to a secure location.
  3. Finally, hit the Save button, and then you can easily utilize Remote Data Access in Sage uninterruptedly.

Next Steps:-

Once you have successfully linked your company to the Remote Data Access, continue managing your users. For this, you must carry on with the steps instructed below.

  1. Assigning your current users remote access:- You need to give access to other existing users so they can access their data files remotely.
  2. Generate a New User with Remote Access:- In case you have any new users, you need to set them up and assign them enough permissions to run data files remotely.
  3. Access the Company Data Remotely:- You can link your data remotely through another device.

What is the Procedure For Sage Service Operations Login?

The Sage Service Operations helps the field technicians and office staff with a clear picture to improving productivity. However, to accomplish the Sage Service Operations Login process, carry on with the following process.

  1. Firstly, access the website using the preferred web browser.
  2. As a result, it will redirect you to the Login Screen of Sage Service Operations.
  3. Herein, you are supposed to insert the Email Address and Password linked to the Sage Account.
  4. Once you add the login credentials appropriately, cross-check the details entered.
  5. Conclude the process by hitting the highlighted Login button.

Summing It Up!!

With this, we hope you have gained enough details regarding Sage Remote Data Access. However, if you are still facing difficulty while setting up remote access, feel free to connect with our professionals. They will provide you with some sure-shot solutions to resolve the issue quickly.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Following are the steps you must follow to check the version number in Remote Data Access.

  • Firstly, launch your system and then navigate to Open Demonstration Data.
  • After this, click on OK and then login as a Manager.
  • Thereon, hit the OK button again and go to the Help menu.
  • At last, choose the About option to get the software version number.

Company data is shared securely through the cloud, allowing Remote Data Access users to access their company data over the internet from their device with Sage 50 software installed.

You must continue the following process to enable remote access remotely.

  1. Firstly, hit the Windows key on your keyboard and go to the Settings icon on the left side.
  2. Afterwards, tap the System group and then hit the Remote Desktop item.
  3. Now, you have to pick the slider to allow the Remote Desktop.
  4. You are also advised to keep your PC on and check it is connected with a stable internet connection.

To get the IP address, go to Settings, click Network & Settings followed by Status. After this, choose the Status option and then View your Network Properties. Thereon, you will get the network configuration and Operational Status and obtain the IPv4 address.

If you are still facing difficulty while setting up Sage Remote access using the steps mentioned in this blog, then consult with our professionals anytime for quick resolution.