Undoubtedly, Sage 50 is an impressive technology for all accounting professionals, but we can’t control technical bugs or errors. If anything goes wrong against the Sage 50 system, users have to encounter errors. One of them is the Sage 50 Error 0057 Rel 2013.2. Do you find the same issue as well and face problems? If yes, we have come up with this informative blog to help you. In this post, we will discuss this Sage 50 error in detail, the major reasons for facing it, and effective solutions to manage the same.

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Sage 50 Error 0057 Rel 2013.2 – What’s the Issue All About?

One of the most typical errors faced among the daily Sage 50 users is the Sage 50 error 0057 rel 2013.2. This issue mainly occurs when the Sage 50 software installation is corrupted. Due to this error attack, a user fails to access the important Sage 50 features, and eventually, it hampers the software’s functionality. While coming across this issue, a user also receives an error message reading, “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

Continue reading next to learn about the root causes of this problematic Sage 50 error 0057 rel 2013.2.

What are the Main Causes of Sage 50 Error 0057 Rel 2013.2?

Sage users may receive the error message due to multiple technical wrong-dones or factors, but we suggest you look at the following causes of Sage 50 Error 0057 Rel 2013.2. These are some of the most prominent ones to learn what has brought the issue to your system: 


  1. One of the most common reasons for multiple Sage errors is the poor or unstable internet connection of the system.
  2. Make sure you are running the software with enough storage space, or else you may encounter the Sage 50 error 0057 rel 2013.2.
  3. Even the outdated Sage software version can bring issues like error 0057 rel 2013.2 to you.
  4. The compatibility factor matters a lot. Thus, incompatibility among the third-party add-ons or plugins on your system with Sage 50 is also a reason for facing the error.
  5. Another major reason for coming across this technical bug is the corrupted or damaged company file database.
  6. Users may receive Sage 50 Error 0057 Rel 2013.2 message if the antivirus software installed on your system interferes with the Sage 50 processes.

Updated Methods to Fix Sage 50 Error 0057 Rel 2013.2

In this section, we have mentioned the updated methods to fix Sage 50 error 0057 rel 2013.2. We suggest you carefully implement the given methods and get rid of this error.

Fixing Method 1 – Let the System File Checker tool Fix it

As we said, the corrupted database of company files may trigger error 0057 rel 2013.2. Fortunately, the System File Checker tool can help you fix this problem. Below are the simple steps to run this tool and repair the damaged files. 

  1. Firstly, simultaneously press the Windows + X buttons to open the command prompt.
  2. Herein, you must verify whether your Windows Admin is listed or not.
  3. After this, go to the UAC (User Account Control) window in which you must hit the Yes option.
  4. Now, you must enter SFC/Scannow in the given space. Continue to this and immediately press the Enter key.
  5. Finally, with this, the System File Checker tool will start running and verifying all your company files. Now check for the error; if it is still bothering you, user can dial Sage Customer Service Helpline.

Fixing Method 2 – Clear the System’s Temp Files Cache Data

It’s quite normal for users to forget to delete the temporary files and clear cache data from their system for a long time. Eventually, this problem can affect the software performance installed on your computer or lead to compatibility issues.

The Sage 50 Error 0057 Rel 2013.2 can also be a result of this. So, clear the temp files and cache data: 

  1. For this, you must first open the Run command box by directly pressing Windows + R buttons on your computer.
  2. In the next step, type %temp% in the Run box, and hit the Enter tab or click the OK button.
  3. By this, the Temporary file folder of your system will appear. In this folder, you must select all the files (press CTRL + A buttons).
  4. Now, to delete all the selected files, directly press the Shift + Delete buttons on your keyboard and remove all the temporary files from your system.
  5. Once you clear all these temp files and cache from your computer, restart the system and run Sage 50. If the error still occurs, get help by calling the Sage Helpdesk Phone Number.

For UK Helpline Number: +44(800)112-0167

Fixing Method 3 – Troubleshoot the Error 0057 Rel 2013.2 in Sage 50 by Running Connection Manager

If the above methods didn’t work, we suggest you try running the connection manager and fix error 0057 rel 2013.2 in Sage 50. The connection manager basically ensures the proper connection between your computer and Sage 50 software.

Carefully follow the below instructions to implement the whole procedure seamlessly.

  1. Firstly, you must move to the Windows Start button and move to the Control Panel.
  2. Click the Control Panel icon and go to the Settings on your workstation. Now, you must select the Administrative Tools option to choose the Services option further.
  3. In the next step, you must hit the Sage 50 Database Connection Manager alternative.
  4. Right after this, you need to check whether the startup type column is set as automatic or disabled.
  5. Now proceed further by recognizing the startup type:
If the Startup Type is Disabled:
  • Initially, you must right-click the Sage 50 Database Connection Manager to select the Properties option further.
  • In the next step, you must choose the General tab and switch the Startup type mode to Automatic or Automatic (Delayed Start).
  • Following this, hit the Apply option and click the Start button to open the service. Afterward, you must open the database.
If the Startup Type is set as Automatic (Delayed Start)
  • In case the startup type is set as Automatic (delayed start) but you still see the service status as Starting, you must first close your Sage 50 software.
  • Also, make sure that no other Windows program is running on your computer.
  • Now, you must open the Task Manager Window (press CTRL + Shift + Esc buttons on your keyboard)
  • Once the Task Manager Window opens, move to the Processes tab and hit the Show Processes from All Users tab.
  • Here, you’re required to terminate all the pending processes of the Sage 50 software program.
  • Done till this? Afterward, move to the Services Window and continue right-clicking the Sage 50 Database Connection Manager to choose the Start option.
  • Now, set the service status either as Running or Stated. However, if you still face the Sage error while running the application, get in touch with Sage Technical Assistance Number.

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Hopefully, the above given stepwise troubleshooting methods have helped you fix the Sage 50 Error 0057 Rel 2013.2. But, if you feel like approaching Sage experts for more information or professional technical support, ping us via Live Chat Support. Our certified technician will help you fix this issue professionally along with enough knowledge to avoid such errors in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The error 0057 rel 2013.2 troubles the Sage 50 users if they are running the software with a poor internet connection or corrupted company files. This issue is enough to hamper one’s productivity and workflow. Users mainly encounter this problem with a message stating, “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.” 

The following causes can mainly trigger Sage 50 0057 rel 2013.2 issue: 

  1. Blue screen of Death error 
  2. DLL error 

The following signs can help a user notice the Sage 50 error code 0057 rel 2013.2: 

  1. One of the obvious signs of the issue is receiving the error message on the screen every time you try running the Sage 50 software. 
  2. Sudden freezing or hanging of Sage 50 software. 
  3. No response from the mouse or keyboard commands.

You must keep in mind the following tips to avoid Sage 50 errors later: 

  1. Always update your Sage 50 software to avoid compatibility issues. 
  2. Regularly clear the cache and delete temporary files from the system. 
  3. While running Sage 50, the internet connection on your system must be proper and strong. 

To reach out to the Sage professionals, you must dial the Sage contacts support number or ping us via Live Chat Support.