The Sage 50 cloud accounting is currently the best available tool for small business enterprises in order to manage their inventory and other financial operations. A Plethora of options is available in Sage 50 cloud with the addition of cloud-based infrastructure, which makes it the most suitable option while speaking of real-time data access. However, what is the major concern with Sage 50 Cloud is its pricing. While the pricing of Sage 50, as mentioned in the official sources, can be considered convenient and affordable, it does not indicate the real cost that users need to pay in order to get other additional mandatory features.

Various unique features available in Sage 50 Cloud Accounting

Pricing of any application can vary from the other variants available for the users. The reason for that is the availability of some features which are specific to a particular user base. However, these features require additional cost, which makes the overall cost of the application a bit higher. Major highlighting features that are unique to Sage 50 Cloud include:

Account Payable and Receivable

The first core feature that any business software should include is the accounts payable and receivable. The Sage 50 cloud offers separate modules for both payable and receivable accounting features. Through these modules, users can easily create purchase orders, supplier bills, costs PDF invoices, cash receipts, customer accounts, and many other features in order to manage vendors/suppliers and customers.

Easy Management of Cash Flow and Tracking of Income Expenses and other Payments

It is a major aspect of any business to trail money going in and out, which can be helpful in determining the net profit and loss made while working on any project. This can be done when the organization will be able to track various expenses and other payments. Through Sage 50, you can easily manage sales invoices by assigning them a customer ID that provides you with a detailed description of cash-in and cash-out.


Another major task for any business software is to ensure that all the transactions and records are accurate and consistent. Inaccuracy occurs in the case of errors for which the major cause is human error, especially during data entry. Sage 50 Cloud accounting helps with reconciliation by eliminating various manual tasks, especially data entry. The application also helps you to identify various unreconciled differences and compare received payments with customer invoices.

Inventory Management and Job Costing

Proper management is necessary in order to run any business seamlessly. The major component for that includes inventory management, an identification of various aspects through which you can make any project more profitable. An essential aspect of accounting that makes that possible is Job Costing. The Sage 50 cloud offers various attributes to support Job Costing for assigning job numbers to individual items and revenues. All these things will be helpful in identifying the projects that bring out the most revenue to your organization.

Another major aspect is Inventory Management. Sage 50 is an excellent choice for any business through which users can easily keep track of each and every movement of inventory. Through proper inventory management, it will be helpful for the business to cope with their purchase orders and handle large quantities very easily.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

The name Sage 50 Cloud obviously suggests that this version of Sage is enhanced with Cloud-based computing. For any business, especially one managing its operation from various locations, it is necessary for everyone to have access to real-time data in order to make the transaction swifter. That can be easily done through the cloud-based infrastructure of Sage 50 Cloud accounting, which offers the amenity of removing access to business data in order to be easily accessible by any important person in that organization. Also, cloud computing offers a platform for easy collaboration of an organization with their accountant and bookkeeper.

Analytics Dashboard and Real-Time Reporting

No matter how advanced the features of any application, it will be only useful when the user is able to access it properly. The Sage 50 offers an easily customizable dashboard where users can make adjustments according to their preferences. With Sage 50 Cloud or any variation of the accounting application, users can access various reports like accounts payable/receivable with just one click and make easy customization as per their preferences to get useful insights for their business.

Sage 50 Cloud Accounting Pricing

Sage 50 Cloud Accounting Pricing

Coming back to the main highlight of our topic, which is the actual pricing of this application and whether it is under the budget of any small-scale enterprise, especially the startups. Various versions of Sage 50 available to the users include Pro, Sage 50 Premium, and Quantum. At the same time, the pricing of these three variations goes between USD 550-1700. While seeing this range, many users might consider the Sage 50 Cloud to be easily affordable in comparison with other accounting solutions.

However, this totally excludes the Sage 50 Cloud Hidden costs for some additional features that are somewhat necessary to opt for in order to run your Sage business software more effectively.

Limitations for the user with Sage 50 Cloud Accounting

The minimum cost of Sage 50 cloud accounting is around USD 599/year, which can be considered affordable and convenient. However, the Sage 50 Pro is limited to a single user only. Also, that price does not offer all the features expected from various organizations for which additional cost is required. Therefore increasing the overall cost of purchasing the software. Due to this fact, the Sage 50 is sometimes considered the most overpriced application.

Various versions of the Sage 50, which offers multifunctionality, include the Sage 50 Premium and the Sage 50 Quantum.

The Major Advantages/Benefits of using Sage 50 Cloud

The major advantage of Sage 50 cloud Accounting is the cloud-based infrastructure that offers real-time data access to any organization. Other benefits of utilizing cloud computing are:

  • There is no necessity or worry regarding data storage or the requirement of a particular setup to handle large data.
  • No break or pause while working with the application due to system downtime because of any pending update or system upgrade.
  • Safe and secure platform through better cybersecurity options.
  • No possibility of data loss due to technical glitches.
  • Data access from multiple locations in real-time makes transactions and other operations more swift.
Various necessary Add-on with Sage 50 Cloud

While working with Sage 50, it sometimes becomes necessary for the user to opt for various add-ons in order to automate their daily operations. Following are some of the major add-ons that might be crucial to be utilized while working with Sage 50:

  • Microsoft 365 Integration for enhancing financial reporting through MS Excel and making a secure data backup for your data.
  • Various integration tools available in MS 365 make it possible for easy collaboration through Microsoft Sharepoint and Teams.
  • Sage Auto Entry to automate various tasks like bill posting, purchases, and other employee expenses.
  • Auto entry can also be integrated with other accounting software like Quickbooks, Xero, Free Agent, Clear Books, and many others.
  • Sage Invoice Payments offers easy link-up options with various payment interfaces like Stripe and Paypal to provide easy access to the customer while making payments.

Summing it Up

The Sage 50 Cloud Accounting makes it easy for small organization and other medium-scale enterprises to automate their functioning and other tasks. Also, the availability of various tools in the business software eliminates the chances of human error and ultimately reduces the burden on the organization to focus on other tasks. Talking about pricing, users need to opt for various add-ons to automate their functioning and other financial tasks. While the actual Sage 50 cloud pricing might go up a little, it is still a better option for any organization or any CPA firm to manage its functioning.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The Sage 50 cloud subscription annually comes within the ranges from USD 599-USD 1700. There is no free version of the Sage accounting that users can opt for their business. 

The Sage 50 cloud is available with an annual subscription. Users can also opt for more than one year plan available at a reasonable price. However, in order to opt for Sage accounting services, a minimum of a one-year subscription will be required.

The Sage 50 accounting is totally based on a cloud-based infrastructure that offers the users access to real-time data from anywhere, thus making it easy to work in multi-user mode.

The Sage 50 account is available in three variants: Pro, Premium, and Quantum. Based on the number of users, your business requirements, and other factors, you can opt for any of the one. The users also have the option to upgrade or downgrade from one version to another. The cost of taking an annual subscription for Sage 50 accounts varies from USD 550 to USD 1700. 

Users have the option to upgrade their current Sage 50 accounting for the cloud computing feature. However, the extra cost of purchase will be required from the user side.