Sage is among the best solutions available for users to manage their accounting and financial-related tasks. While the users of Sage accounting comprise small startups and medium-scale enterprises, the accounting application provides solutions for accountants for their CPA firms to manage their clients. In spite of the presence of so many accounting applications for CPA startups, the majority of them prefer to choose Sage. The reason for that is the availability of so many features and an amazing interface that Sage provides that are particularly focused on CPA. Here, we will list some of the major features of Sage, stating why it is a better option for any Certified Public Accountant. So, read the article further to get more details, why Sage is the Best Software for CPA Accounting Firm?

Mandatory feature to be present in any Tax accounting software for CPA

In order to be a best software for CPA accounting firm, any application must have certain features that can make it compatible for any accountant to manage multiple clients at once.

Some of the necessary attributes have been given below:

Automated Features and easy Integration with other Applications

Some of the important accounting tasks like Data entry and other core accounting features like accounts payable are mandatory and time-consuming. Therefore, it is mandatory that any accounting application will be able to easily automate these tasks. With the help of business software, it should be easy to decrease the human input, which will also decrease the chances of error in the entry. All these things can make the working of any accountant easier through which they can easily focus on other tasks.

Easy collaboration for Client Management and Collaboration

Another requirement of any accounting application is to create a clear interface between the accountant and the client. Major components required to establish this interface includes document exchange, communication, availability of real-time information, and many other. All these amenities that must be present in any account application result in effective interaction and conversation, ultimately contributing to client satisfaction.

What Features does Sage have that make it the Best Software for CPA Accounting Firm?

Despite the presence of various other business solutions like QuickBooks, Xero, Wave, and FreshBooks, Sage offers some remarkable features that best suit the preferences of various Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) for their startups to manage multiple clients.

Intelligent GL (General Ledger)
  • The Intelligent General Ledger features of Sage accounting is an AI-powered tool that helps the user scan numerous transactions within a snap.
  • The General Ledger accounting feature of Sage is based on a cloud-based architecture. Through this, users can easily manage their workflow, simplify their transaction processing, and many others. Various features of General Ledger accounting are focused on data-driven growth, offering various attributes through which users can make transactions in real-time, get instant access to various insights, and capture the source transaction. Along with that, users can easily share these insights with a specific chosen person more securely.
  • Intelligent GL allows the user to easily generate and modify entities through which users can easily centralize their transactions, which will reduce errors and ultimately conserve reconciliation time.

All these benefits available with Sage 50 cannot be found in any other CPA invoicing software. 

Account Payable and Receivable

Another major part of the business is to keep a check on the money that is owed or owned by the business to the supplier and the customer. This part comes under the Account Payable and Receivable. Sage known to be the best accounting software for CPA firm which helps them to automate payment processing and bill entry. Through this, you can easily make faster payments and increase cash flow, through which you can easily get rid of any disorganization within the system.

Dimension – CPA Accounting

It is just another feature to keep track of transactions and other operations-related data. Through this Dimension, users can easily keep track of various transactions, which can be used further while working on other financial core components.

Budgeting and Planning

Sage accounting is an amazing budget planning software that helps the user to make better decisions related to data analysis, business plot modeling, budget assumptions, and forecasting. Various benefits that users can get through Sage forecasting and budget planning are

  • Reduction in the time consumed through forecasting budget planning and providing useful financial insights within no time.
  • Make better forecasting plans through the availability of more accurate and updated real-time data.
  • Has various budgeting tool that provides a user-friendly interface for every kind of user, especially those related to financial and operations.

Dashboard for Data Analysis and Real-Time Reporting

Financial Reporting Dashboard

Financial reporting is a major component of any organization. No matter whether it is a small startup or a medium-scale enterprise, there is a need to review financial data on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, oriented towards better-driven results. Sage accounting offers easy and customizable options for data visualizations through various attributes like a Data Visualization reporting dashboard through which any organization can get easy access to real-time business performances.

Different variations of Sage offer solutions for easy data analysis. Take an example, Sage Intacct, where the general ledgers allow you to create up to ten dimensions or more to show new business elements. Along with that, user can easily manage their employee and businesses and track their schedule. Get accurate details of team utilization and effectiveness and full-scale visibility on the different projects, clients, and how much profit can be generated.

Best Version of Sage available as Audit Software for CPA Firms

Sage offers many accounting software variations based on the type of customer, which can be a small or medium enterprise or a large-scale business. Along with that, various Certified Public Accountant firm relies on business software to manage their multiple clients at once. For these CPAs, two versions are there, which can be the best choices matching the various preferences of the accountant. These include Sage Inacct, Sage People, Sage 50 Accounting, and many others.

Sage Intacct

The Sage Intacct is the latest addition to business software specifically focused on fulfilling the needs of various accountants, bookkeepers, and business enterprises. This is currently the best of the Sage solutions available for the users in the market due to the availability of a variety of features.

Following are some of the features of Sage Intacct:

Best options for the users in terms of project management offering various features for expense tracking, revenue recognition, and many others.
Offering highly enhanced options to automate productivity.
Different options for resource management, time-tracking, project billing, and identifying R&D costing.
Smart resource management for getting full insights on client and project type.

Bottom Line

Sage accounting is the best software for CPA accounting firms available in the market. With the help of Sage accounting, users can easily enhance their work while handling various manuals. Hence, This software can help to eliminate the chance of human errors. Through the help of cloud-based infrastructure, users can also have easy access to real-time data for fast transactions. For further details regarding Sage, you can refer to our blog section. This blog enable you to find all the listed crucial details of various variations of this accounting software. Based on this you can easily decide which version will best fit your preferences.

Frquently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The Sage is the ultimate solution that fulfills all the needs of any Certified Public Accountant firm. Major requirements that Sage offers focus on the needs of CPA, including cloud-based infrastructure, dashboard reporting for easy analysis of data, and other major core financial features.

Sage for an Accountant is a business software that helps various accountants and bookkeepers to automate their daily tasks and keep track of their various expenses. It offers an easy interface so that users from various backgrounds, like finance or operations, can easily analyze finance or other data to get useful insights for their company. 

While the other version of Sage accounting costs around USD 500-USD1000, the price for Sage Intacct goes a bit higher than other available versions. The actual cost for an annual subscription for Sage varies depending on the business needs and infrastructure in order to get the exact pricing, you need to provide company details and other data based on which effective pricing will be offered for Sage, comprising various features specifically focussed on your needs.

Both accounting applications can be the best options for any business enterprise for any accounting firm. Common attributes present in both application includes cloud-based infrastructures, dashboard reporting, real-time data access, and many others. However, while considering some preferences of various accountant, Sage Intacct offers better solutions then any other available accounting solution than any other in the market. 

User can easily learn how to work on Sage accounting through Sage Accountant Network. This is the platform offering various learning program to accountant, business person or other professional so that they can easily understand how to user Sage accounting and utilize the application at it optimum.