The Sage Error 200 is a common printing error often encountered by users while printing documents or viewing crystal reports. Common causes of this error can be technical or compatibility issues between the Sage application or the operating system or some issues with the printer drivers. Common resolution methods are to update the printer drivers or install the workstation setup again. While common troubleshooting is known to the users to resolve Sage 100 Error 200, some measures involve technical expertise and can be done through some assistance.  Therefore, here we are going to list common causes along with various methods through which to easily overcome Error Code 200 in Sage Application.

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Common Causes of Sage 100 Error 200 (Crystal Error)

Crystal Report Error 200 of Sage 100

The Sage 100 Error 200 in the Sage application usually arises when printing documents or viewing crystal reports. While several technical glitches in the system can trigger this error, frequency increases while using an older version of Sage if you have the Sage 50 2018 version installed on the server. Other common causes of Sage Error 200 are listed below:

  • Technical issues with the printer or outdated printer drivers.
  • Issues or compatibility with the MAS Clients.
  • Missing Crystal Reports DLLs
  • Registry keys are absent.
  • Antivirus installed in the system might be interfering with the Data Files and thus disabling them to function smoothly.

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Rectify the Issue of Sage 100 Error 200

Crystal Report Error 200 of Sage 100 (resolved)

From common troubleshooting to various technical measures, there are many ways through which you can resolve the issues of Sage Error 200 from your system. Based on the source due to which you are receiving Sage Error, you can take the given methods to overcome this issue:

Method 1: Disable the Antivirus

A very common troubleshooting method is to disable the Antivirus or Firewall temporarily. The steps for that are listed below:

  • Press the Window Button in your system and then type “Windows Security” in the search menu.
  • Open the Windows Security App from where you need to look for the option “Virus and Threat Protection.”
  • Go to the “Virus and Threat Protection” setting, for which you can find the option “Manage Settings.”
  • The next option to select is “Real Time Protection,” which you need to switch to OFF.

Before you disable the Antivirus, you can check and confirm whether or not it is even interfering with the data files. For this, you need to run the system in “Safe Mode with Networking.” In case it runs, then you need to allow all the files related to Sage Accounting through the firewall or any other Antivirus you are using.

Method 2: Manually Overcome the Sage 100 Error 200

This method to resolve error 200 involves three processes which are:

  • Verify the .NET components.
  • Installation of the Workstation Setup
  • Manual registration of the DLL files.
Step1: Verify whether all the .NET components are in place or not

Go to the installation folder in your system and then navigate to “Prerequisite Directories.”
There, you need to run the .NET installation. If you have a 64-bit operating system, then you need to run the .NET 64 installation.

Step 2: Uninstall the Reinstall the Workstation Setup

Go to the control panel and then navigate to the “Add or Remove Folder.” If prompted to delete the DLL files from the registry, then you need to hit “Yes.”
In order to reinstall the Workstation setup, you need to log in as administrator first. After that, you need to visit the control panel, Add or Remove Program, where you can reinstall the workstation client.

Manually Register the DLL Files in Window

You can easily register the DLL Files manually either through Run Prompt, Command Prompt, or Windows Explorer. Whichever way to choose, you need to type the following command:

  • regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\Atl.dll
  • regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\3.5\bin\CRDesignerCtrl.dll
  • regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\3.5\crystalreportviewer115\ActiveXContols\CRViewer.dll.

What is Sage 100?

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  • Payroll
  • Account Payable and Receivable
  • Business Intelligence
  • Forecasting

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The Sage Error 200 is very common arising due to technical glitches while printing a document in Sage application. While common troubleshooting can be done to overcome this error, a simple stepwise process can override this error. Make sure to take some basic precautions like updating printer drivers or other Sage-related applications in order to avoid various technical errors in Sage application. For more information on resolving other Sage Errors, refer to our blog section or connect with us through our helpline number.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The Sage 100 is a accounting software specifically focussed on the needs of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises through which they can automate their daily operation and avoid common human error that can create big blunders in their business. While Sage 100 is a effective choice for the businesses, other versions of Sage application are available which they can refer.

Error Code 200 is a common error usually occurs when users try to print report or try to view Crystal Reports. Common cause of this errors can be different technical glitches like missing crystal reports, absent registry keys, outdated printer drivers and many others. 

Common way to fix Sage Error is that you disable Antivirus or Firewall in your system to allow data files to be executed without any interruptions. Other methods includes you reinstall the workstation setup and manually register the DLL files in your operating system.

User might encounters varieties of errors in Sage Accounting from installation to Payroll Errors. While Sage Error 200 is a common issues, other repetitive errors include Error 1935, 1327, 1608 and many others. However as common and frequent these error can be, simple troubleshooting can be effective to remove these errors.

The Crystal Reports is an business intelligence application available for the users through which users can easily generate reports from any virtual reports. Any issues with the Crystal Reports can triggers the Sage Error 200 in the accounting application. To fix any issues related to crystal reports while using Sage Solution, users need to reinstall the application.