Are you a small entrepreneur owner and are tired of using multiple software for streamlining your business finance tasks? Do you need a solution that allows you to access the incredible tools of both applications? Most SMEs rely on Sage for executing their business financial tasks. On the other hand, they also need Microsoft solutions to store the data. However, using both applications at the same time can frustrate the users. They need a smart solution that empowers them to access multiple features of both applications. Keeping this in mind, Sage integrates with Microsoft to ease the work-life of SMEs. Read this blog to learn more about Sage Microsoft 365 integration and how it is beneficial for your business.

Brief Glimpse of Sage Microsoft 365 Integration

Sage is one of the leading accounting software that offers accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and HR solutions to SMEs. The enterprise resource solution is used by all-size businesses to streamline their business processes. “Sage Business Cloud” is an umbrella that covers various Sage products such as Sage 50, Payroll, Sage 100, Sage for accountants, and more. The products are tailored as per the country’s accounting, payroll, and taxation needs.

Moreover, to stay ahead in this digital world, Sage provides Sage Intelligence that provides deep insights into your business. By Sage intelligent time login, you can easily get flexible reporting solutions that provide deep insights into your business when you are on the go. It simply saves your time and gives you control over your business finances so that you can take relevant action.

A Quick Overview of Microsoft

Microsoft is the largest vendor that offers multiple innovative solutions for the growth of your business. The right solution helps in increasing productivity over a safe and secure medium. The Microsoft Office suite consists of various IT solutions such as Excel, Word, Outlook, Visio, etc., and is available for Mac, Windows, and web-based.

What Does Sage Microsoft 365 Integration Mean?

Most businesses, be they small, medium, or large, need both software to accomplish their various business tasks. However, purchasing both the software seems to be a little difficult. The expanded partnership of Sage with Microsoft will help the companies to increase their productivity and save time. Connecting the tools of two different software can act as a barrier. This partnership of Sage with Microsoft has simplified the life of many SMBs.

In simple words, the users can now avail the benefit of both applications under one platform. Sage offers various products that support Sage Microsoft 365 integration.

Integrating Sage with Microsoft Programs

This expansion will significantly improve the integration between Sage and Microsoft business products such as Microsoft 365. The Sage Microsoft 365 integration will provide critical opportunities to numerous businesses. Sage and Microsoft’s partnership has a long way; however, the first product that comes out as a result of the integration of two technological software is Sage 50 c. Apart from this, Sage 100 integration and Sage 50 integration also exist.

There are several types of integration available between Sage and Microsoft systems. A few integration connectors are available for Sage 50 cloud and Sage 100 cloud modules, while others are available for CRM and non-ERP solutions.

Below, we have mentioned a list of Sage or Microsoft programs that can be integrated. 
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Sage HR
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Sage CRM Contact Sage
  • Sage Live
  • Intacct Sage
  • Microsoft Outlook

Sage 50 Microsoft 365 Integration: A Meaningful Integration

Sage 50 Microsoft 365 Integration

Now that you are aware of the integration let us have a look at the Sage Microsoft 365 integration process. Perform the below-mentioned steps to integrate Microsoft 365 and Sage 50 software.

  • Firstly, you need to click the “Get Started with Microsoft Office 365 services” link send to your email. The mail is sent from Sage Admin.
  • Next, enter the temporary password and select the Sign in option.
  • Update the temporary password with the new, currently generated password.
  • Now, to continue, click on update password and sign in by using the new password.
  • Moving ahead, accept the Microsoft Cloud agreement and give the permissions to add-ons and apps.
  • Further, in the Sage Business Center Page, click on the link Office 365 Admin.
  • Now, go to the One Drive icon on the home page.
  • The onboarding drive is ready to receive files, and you have completed the onboarding process.
  • Next, click on the file menu and press the Office 365 integration option.
  • Further, click on connect to Office 365 option.
  • Next, enter the admin credentials when asked.
  • Lastly, press the finish button to end the integration process.

Sage Microsoft 365 integration: New Features to Unveil

Sage 50 Microsoft 365 Integration -1

This deep integration of Sage with Microsoft 365 unveils some new features of both applications. The users can enjoy the below-cited new features.

  1. Cloud Document Storage: This integration allows the users to access and store their documents digitally using Microsoft One Drive. Unlike paperwork, it is a safe and secure way to store all your precious documents.
  2. Bank Feeds: You can directly connect with your banks to have the most updated view of their finances.
  3. Sage Contact: It ensures that the users can have access to their contact details, files, notes, and history from any platform at any time. It allows the business owners to record their expenses and generate invoices.
  4. Business Performance Dashboard: The one platform allows the users to access multiple features/ tools easily. It saves a lot of time as multiple features are available under one roof.
  5. Sage Intelligence Reporting: With the capability to create powerful, in-depth reports, the users can make faster and better decisions based on data.
  6. Microsoft Office 365 Premium: The suite is integrated with the Sage 50 C, giving the businesses everything they need to run a successful business. The integration unlocks the capabilities of Sage along with the benefits of Microsoft.
  7. Sage capture: The users can capture receipts, invoices, expenses, and other documents digitally by using Microsoft Drive.

Top Reasons to Integrate Sage Application with Microsoft

Inevitably, the Sage 50 integration with Microsoft has unveiled the hidden benefits of both the software. This expansion has benefited small enterprises and made their life easier.

Below, we have cited the four major advantages of this combination.
  1. Powerful: The Sage and Microsoft combination will deliver reliable, scalable, and secure solutions that empower millions of SMBs to be more productive. It reduces the cost and helps in growing the business. Millions of SMBs take advantage of this integration.
  2. Simple: This deep integration simplifies the work of SMBs. Combining Microsoft with the Payroll, HR, and finance tools of Sage simplifies the workflow and reduces manual entry.
  3. Reliable: In this digital world, companies choose Sage software for its reliability, security, scalability, and work performance. The Sage integration with Microsoft allows the users to work on their preferred devices whenever they want and where they want.
  4. Productive: The integration allows the users to be more productive. The users can work more securely on their preferred applications without a manual ETL process. 

Advantages of Sage 50 integration with Microsoft

Running a business is not an easy task. You need different software to accomplish various business tasks effectively. However, purchasing multiple software is not feasible for businesses due to budgeting constraints. In such a scenario, the integration of two applications comes as a rescuer. The integration empowers businesses to use the best of both in one platform.

The Sage Microsoft 365 integration has multiple advantages.

Below, we have mentioned a few of them.
  1. Real-Time Accuracy: Usually, it takes several days to update the data from different departments, such as sales, finance, service, and inventory. However, the integration provides real-time data from different departments. Once the data is updated, it will automatically get updated across the platform. The constant update of data will keep your employees on the same page, which reduces the risk of errors.
  2. Boost in Productivity: The integration boosts productivity by a significant amount. As the employees get real-time accurate data, they will work more effectively.
  3. Efficiency: The integration eliminates the manual entry process. The employees can focus more on the important tasks that ultimately boost efficiency. When the employees have access to multiple tools at their fingertips, they can serve the customers better.
  4. Data Collection: Usually, you need to feed the same data into two or more systems. It will increase the risk of error, and it will be difficult to reconcile. Also, it takes time to fetch and update the data from different departments. But, with the Sage 50 Microsoft 365 integration, this problem is resolved. The data will get updated in real-time across the platform.
  5. Cost Reduction: The integration reduces the cost because there is no need to purchase multiple software separately. The integration allows you to access the tools of both software to streamline your business processes.
  6. Autonomous Back up on Cloud: The backup of important data files is an important thing. Usually, before the integration, you need to create a backup manually. However, the Sage 50 Microsoft 365 integration provides the automatic backup of data files on the cloud. It saves a lot of time.
  7. Any Time and Anywhere Access: You can access your company’s financial data from anywhere and anytime. There is no need to be present on your on-premise desktop to access the data. The cloud service of Microsoft enables you to access your Sage data at any time, irrespective of your geographical location. 

Final Wordings

Integration is the best way to avail yourself of the benefits of both Sage and Microsoft. Sage Microsoft 365 integration helps SMEs streamline their business processes. This blog explores the opportunities of Sage and Microsoft integration. However, there are other opportunities also. You can call our experts if you still have any doubts.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQs)

The Microsoft Office that is compatible with Sage 50 are Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2003, 2013, 2016, and Microsoft Outlook 365. 

During the integration process, the users might face different errors such as Sage 50 Unable To Send Email, Sage 50 No Default Email Client, Sage 50 MAPI Compatible Error, and more.

Yes, the integration helps the small business owners. It simplifies their daily tasks as it streamlines various business processes. It reduces the manual entry work by automating the various work processes.

Yes, our experts are well-versed in multiple technologies. They will surely assist you in executing the Sage 50 Microsoft 365 integration process. 

Sage 50 accounting data is stored in the MYSQL database. The database consists of an SAI file that contains information about your company data.