Sage 50 is a highly robust accounting software that empowers business owners in managing the multiple facets of their businesses, be it payroll, accounting, taxation, or more. The vast majority of business owners rely on the application to accomplish their financial transactions and business operations. Traditionally, it is an on-premise desktop application. With the advancement of technology, almost all businesses want to be flexible. The employees want to work from different geographical locations, which is only possible with the cloud service. Henceforth, hosting the powerful Sage 50 accounting application on the Cloud provides unmatchable benefits. So, read the complete blog to know more about this unmatchable combination.

An Insight into sage 50 cloud

As compared to on-premise applications, the Sage 50 cloud accounting software is destined to meet the larger market share. The Sage 50 cloud hosting simply means to host the application on the cloud server. In a broader aspect, it means installing and setting up the licensed desktop version of Sage desktop and its associated data on a virtual server so that it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. It has amazing benefits for CPAs and SMBs who need a more secure, reliable way to work on Sage software remotely. The centralized cloud platform allows you to access and work on the same application with the same functionalities. The Cloud-based Sage application comes with adequate Cloud hosting resources such as vCPU. VRAM and SSD storage to meet the modern requirements of SMEs.

Sage 50 accounting software is an all-in-one solution for all your business needs and offers three different versions to meet your requirements – Pro accounting, Premium accounting, and Quantum accounting. No matter what version you choose for your business, you can easily host all Sage 50 versions on the Cloud and hence, your business finances are in good hands.

Amazing Features of Sage 50 cloud accounting software

Features of Sage 50 Cloud Accounting

For small and medium enterprises, proper planning and budgeting is the key to success. In such a scenario, Sage 50 cloud hosting turns out to be a game changer. It helps in the growth and expansion of your business. This innovative approach enables them to use the same solution as larger enterprises use at a fraction of the cost.

The below-mentioned amazing reasons are quite enough for SMBs to switch to Sage 50 cloud service:
  • Security: The Cloud hosting service provides you with multi-level security, including encryption, password security, and 24/7 Hosting.
  • Scalability: Cloud hosting allows the SMEs to scale their platform as per their ever-changing business requirements. This feature of Sage 50 accounting software on Cloud makes it even more unique.
  • No, IT Hassle: It minimizes the burden of IT infrastructure setup. Since everything is hosted on the Cloud, there is no need to establish the IT infrastructure. You can simply focus on the core Sage 50 accounting software functionalities and business operations.
  • Performance: The state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, powered with high-performance servers, ultimately boosts performance by delivering high speed.
  • Ease of Use: The cloud hosting of Sage 50 software saves your precious time by automating admin tasks and invoicing. It reduces the risk of occurring errors. You can auto-update your financial records and manage your books in real time from anywhere and at any time.
  • Smart Investment: It is cost-effective. As there is no in-house IT infrastructure, the upfront capital investment is saved. You can utilize this budgeting in the growth of your business. Moreover, you can enjoy the software with the added benefits at a reasonable monthly price.
  • Team Collaboration: Cloud hosting allows multiple users to access the same software sitting at different locations at the same time. It simply means that they can collaborate, access, edit, or work on the same software from different locations. 

Things to Consider Before Picking the sage 50 cloud Hosting Provider

Neither the two businesses are same, nor are their requirements. Henceforth, you must pick a cloud host service provider wisely that meets your business requirements. The fundamental difference between the stand-alone desktop application and Sage 50 cloud software is the way they are deployed and where they reside. With the availability of multiple Cloud hosting service providers, the process of adapting Sage 50 cloud hosting becomes easy.

If you are confused about the service providers, the below-mentioned points will give you a holistic approach.
  • Customizable Hosting Plans: Businesses are all unique in the way they function; the service provider must offer different business plans that cater to multiple businesses. A reliable Sage 50 cloud service provider will customize the plan as per your specific requirements. You must pick the Provider that offers tailor-made plans as per your budget and helps you with a linear business growth plan.
  • Cloud Set-Up and Migration: Migration of data from desktop to Cloud is a time-consuming and daunting task. For the nonprofessional one, it can turn out to be a nightmare. However, the professional Sage 50 cloud service hosting provider understands this and provides full sage support for easy data migration. Make sure they will assist you in the future in case you encounter any discrepancies.
  • Industry Standards and Compliance: Make sure that the Cloud hosting service provider is aligned with the latest industry security standards and compliances. The latest security standards, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SSAE, ensure data safety and privacy. 
  • Contracts and Commitments: Many service providers have long-term contracts and commitments. You must pick the service provider that offers the monthly subscription plan. Before signing the contract, you must go through the contract thoroughly. Also, ensure that no hidden charges are included. 
  • Supported Add-Ons: To accomplish your critical tasks and to enhance the functionalities of the application, the software supports various add-ons. The professional cloud service providers allow you to integrate your favorite add-ons to amplify the capabilities. 

How to Host Sage 50 on Cloud?

Getting started with the Cloud is extremely easy. You can configure the Sage 50 accounting software on the Cloud in three easy steps. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and get started with the Sage 50 cloud hosting service.

Sage 50 cloud hosting service

  • Pick the Best Strategy: Foremost, assess your business needs, i.e., the number of authorized users accessing the software on the Cloud, budgeting, resources required, and more. Also, do not neglect your business criteria.
  • Provide Sage Details: After that, pick a Sage cloud hosting service provider for your business. Also, provide the necessary Sage details, such as a hosting license for Sage. 
  • Cloud Configuration: Lastly, pick the right business plan as per the requirements and budgeting of your business. Further, set up your Sage cloud as per your business needs, number of users, storage, and RAM. 

What are the Key Benefits of Sage 50 cloud accounting software?

Shift to the Cloud in a hassle-free way to avail a seamless business accounting environment. You can collaborate and share the files with your colleagues in real-time. Sage 50 cloud hosting has numerous benefits. A few advantages of hosting the software on the Cloud are as follows:

  • Seamless Data Back Up and Recovery: The data is automatically backed up without any additional changes. The regular backup on different paths ensures the date safety and redundancy. There is no need to implement other backup systems. With the automatic backup, the company’s financial data remains safe and secure in case of any disaster.
  • Increased Flexibility and Mobility: Remote access to the software increases flexibility and mobility. The different team members can collaborate and make visible changes in real-time in a single centralized file.
  • Enhanced Security Compliance: Cloud hosting ensures that your data is in safe hands. While picking the Cloud hosting data provider, check their security compliances. Make sure that they use modern encryption technology to safeguard your data. 
  • Easy Team Collaboration: Working with your colleagues who are far away is extremely easy. Cloud hosting facilitates you to work with your team members and share your data files with them or clients. The two-step authentication ensures that your data is safe and protected from unauthorized access. 
  • Anywhere and Any Time Accessibility: Cloud hosting gives you the facility to access your application from your home, office, or on- go. You can easily access the software anytime from Linux, Android, Mac, Chrome Book, and iOS devices. 
  • Least Downtime Issue: Unlike the traditional on-premise software, the downtime of Sage 50 cloud accounting software is less. You can still access your data/company files in case the server or the system crashes. 

When to Consider Sage Hosting on Cloud?

You may increase the accuracy and accessibility of your accounting activities by hosting your Sage software on a dedicated cloud server. The following situations when you should consider cloud hosting of Sage accounting software:

  1. In case you travel more and want to access your data outside your office premises.
  2. The team members spend enough time editing the same company file that they can not access simultaneously.
  3. You want increased efficiency and productivity, irrespective of their working location.
  4. The in-house IT infrastructure continuously grows and seems to be less feasible in the long run.
  5. You want to connect with your clients and want to share data with them instantly.


Sage is one accounting application that meets all your modern business requirements. On the other hand, the Cloud allows the users to access data from anywhere and anytime in a safe and secure environment. Sage 50 cloud hosting is an efficient way that combines the best of both. Sage 50 cloud hosting is an efficient way to access the Sage application from anywhere and anytime.

Switching from the traditional way of accessing the software to a modern solution must be back-end with the latest technology. Hopefully, this blog provides all the necessary information. In case you still need any additional help, you can call us immediately.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

To access the Sage software remotely, you need to host it on the Cloud. For performing the same, pick a reliable Cloud hosting service partner.

The on-premise desktop Sage hosting simply means that the application can be accessed on the desktop on which it is installed. There is always a risk of data loss due to system failure. On the other hand, cloud hosting means installing the software on the Cloud. The application is installed on the virtual server, and you can access the application from anywhere and anytime.

Sage 50 Cloud accounts is a subscription-based license, which simply means that you need to renew it whenever the subscription gets over in order to utilize it. 

Yes, our experts will surely help you in hosting the Sage 50 software on the Cloud. They are well versed with the application and will provide sage support to users. They will assist you in resolving the discrepancies in installing and uninstalling the application. 

In the cloud hosting, the Sage 50 application is installed on a virtual system. People can share data without a server.