Users, while working on Sage 50, might sometimes face a common technical issue where they are unable to open or update the company. A common cause why they are facing such issues of Sage 50 Won’t Open Company files can be due to the fact that the application does not have the right/permission to access the company files. Another cause that can trigger this technical glitch is the antivirus installed in your system, which might be interfering with the application. A common resolution method can be software updation or factory reset of the system. However, without knowing the actual cause that triggers the error, it might be difficult to fix it.

So, here we are going to list all the common due to the Sage 50 cannot open the company files. Along with that, we are going to discuss some measures through which you can fix this error.

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Possible Causes Why Sage 50 Won’t Open Company Files

The most common reason why Sage 50 is unable to Open company files is that it doesn’t have administrative privileges. Along with that, numerous other glitches can occur, which can cause the Sage 50 application to be unable to open company data files. Some of them have been listed below:

  • Antivirus or the firewall interrupts the Sage application to access data files.
  • So many applications are running in the background, hindering the Sage application from accessing company files.
  • Any pending update in Windows due to which Sage 50 becomes incompatible with the operating system.
  • Company files are missing or in another location due to which the accounting application is unable to access them.
  • Connectivity issues like poor internet connection or lost connection with the server.
  • The company files that the Sage 50 application is trying to access might be corrupted.
  • The Sage 50 Application might be outdated.

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Precautionary Measures to Avoid the Issue of Sage 50 Unable to Open Company Data File

It can be recommended to take the respective measures in order to fix the issues of Sage 50 not accessing the company file. However, through certain precautions, the error itself can be avoided. Here is a list of some of the precautions you can take before you proceed to fix the issue of Sage 50 not opening the company file.

  • Stop other applications running in the background that are consuming too much of the system memory from the task manager.
  • Temporarily disable the Antivirus in the system while working on Sage Application.
  • Before disabling the antivirus, run a quick scan on your system.
  • Disable another extension that might hinder the establishment of the network connection.

How to Overcome the issue “Sage 50 won’t open the Update Company Files.”

Along with some basic troubleshooting measures, users can take various measures based on the root cause, through which they can easily make the Sage application access company files. All these resolution steps have been discussed in a step-wise format:

Select Company Windows

Run Sage 50 as Administrator

The most common cause of which any application cannot access system files or other related data is due to the fact that it won’t have administrator-level privileges.

Follow the given steps to grant Sage 50 administrator-level privileges:

  • Close all the other applications in your system, including the Sage 50. Afterward, right-click on the Sage 50 Icon.
  • From the drop-down menu, hit the option “Run as Administrator.”
  • Afterward, you need to locate the company file, which you have to relocate to a new location in a hard drive.
  • Now, click on the Add Permission Button.
  • Make sure you have copied the.SAJ files and.SAI files in the C drive.
  • Go to the permission settings where you need to add Everyone.
  • Lastly, open the Data Files again in the Sage Application.
Look out for any Missing Files and Folders in the System

Any missing, misplaced, or hidden file cannot be opened by the Sage Application. Therefore, you need to check out for the same.

Terminate all Mysqld.exe Files from the Task Manager

You need to remove all the Mysqld.exe files in the Task Manager on the network and on the workstations.

Remove Mysqld.exe from the Task Manager on the Network
  • Sign out all the other users. Afterwards, you need to select the Show Process from all users.
  • From the tab “Processes,” select all the ones with “Mysqld.exe” and terminate them.
  • Lastly, open the system and check whether the files are opening in Sage 50 or not.
Check for Mysqld.exe Files in the Task Manager Window
  • Open the Task Manager in the window.
  • Select the “Show Process” and search for the ones with Mysqld.exe in them.
  • End the processes one by one.

Basic Troubleshooting Measures to Fix Sage 50 Loading Current Company Files

While the above-mentioned measures can be taken based on the particulars that have given rise to the issue, some basic troubleshooting can also avoid the chances of having the issues in the first place. Here are some of the basic troubleshooting through which you can circumvent various technical glitches in the Sage 50 accounting application:

Switch to a Private Network Connection

On your system, type “Network Connection,” which will lead you to the network connection setting in the control panel:

  • Locate the Network Connection, right-click on it, and then hit “Properties.”
  • Afterwards, select the option “Network and Sharing.”
  • Verify the given network path:
    • private/work/domain/home rather than public

This is the correct path. If it shows “public,” then you need to switch it to “Private.”

Network Connectivity

You need to confirm whether you have access to the data files or not. If not, then Sage won’t be able to open any company files. Also, you have to check whether you have access to the mapped network drive or have lost connection.

Replace the Sage Icon on the Desktop with a New one

If you have installed any new update in the Sage application, then remove the icon with the new one. Right-click the Sage Icon and hit the option “Properties. There, under the tab “Shortcuts,” hit the box  “Change Icon.”

Confirm Path Location
  • While updating the Sage application, make sure that all the files are on a local drive.
  • Copy all the files which are on the network which are on the network.
  • Once any updates have been made, copy back the files to the network from the local folder.

Any file path cannot have more than 284 characters.

Update the Sage 50 to the Latest Version

An outdated version can be a reason for not just one but many other errors. To avoid this, you need to regularly check and update your Sage Application to the latest version. Either you can set the application for automatic updates or manually install the updates in the system:

Temporarily Disable the Antivirus

While running the Sage Application, users need to disable the Antivirus or any other security software installed in their system. The following measures can be taken:

  • Remove or disable any other security application until you are using Sage 50.
  • Disable all the Microsoft Security Essentials like auto-protection, real-time security, scanning, and the Firewall.
  • Disable other applications that consume too much of the system’s memory.
  • Run the Sage 50 application with administrator-level privileges.

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Fix for Errorlog.txt File

Navigate to the location of the Data Files, where you can easily locate the Errorlog.txt file folder. Open it, and in case you find large sections with unusual characters, then it is corrupted.

Sync Company File

Other Preventive Measures to be taken if Sage 50 Won’t Open the Company files
  • Verify the company file location.
  • Rename the “.DDT” or “.DDF” files or remove them if required.
  • Troubleshoot Open Database Connectivity Issues.
  • Restart the Actian/Pervasive Database of the system.
  • Factory reset the system or check the Connection Manager.
  • Check out for any missing or hidden files and fix the issue.

Summing it Up

The company file error where the Sage application is unable to open the data files is a major concern as due to this; users cannot access company files. While major causes can be missing data paths any company file, or Sage not having administrator privileges, users can use some basic troubleshooting methods to avoid this issue in the future. In case the issues still persist even after taking the above-mentioned measures, you can connect with us through the given helpline number.

For US Helpline Number: +1-866-430-0630

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

  • Your Sage Application does not have administrator-level privileges.
  • Any company file might be corrupted/missing or on an unknown data path. 
  • Pending update in the Sage Application. 
  • Network connectivity issues. 
  • The company file format is not compatible with the Sage Accounting application. 

Based on the cause that actually trigger the company file issues, you can take the respective measures. In case the error still persists, then connect with Sage Customer Support through the helpline number given below.

You can use the “Company File Check and Repair Tool” to fix or repair any company files related to the Sage Application. 

The company file can be considered as a location in the system or the network where all the information related, to a user’s business will be stored.